Corruption exists not only in the government, IT IS everywhere. It happens first in the basic unit of society: the family. Even at school, private offices, small communities IT occurs. Anything that is purposely done to deprive someone of something is corruption. But that can only be a mechanism for one’s survival. -Rin (Character from my story “Glass Gun”)

long but fun journey! :)

long but fun journey! :)

we went to a mountain-terrain location where we hold surveys to each houses that are members of the program where I work in. It was a whole day activity and we asked the folks how long did we walk and they said that it is about 30 kms…
we rode in a nice vehicle when we went there but when we are about to go home they said that there wasn’t any available truck so we went walking and walking hoping that we could hitch a ride, lucky for us the town leader said that she can help us and we will be fetch in an hour. Though we felt tired, sad, and angry but still we were able to smile after all those difficulties and that is the most beautiful thing about us Filipinos. We laugh despite the sadness.

I am a WOMAN

I am working in a world where men rules. I know I am also called a leader because I have these people depending on me but to do that I must coordinate with the authorities and most of them are men. Thank God I was able to have this kind of job because I want to prove to everyone especially to men that women can also be leaders. That as for me I went to mountains, crossed rivers, ride in a motorcycle at night, and ride at the back of a truck (where it is dangerous and only men do that). I must conquer my fears; you know what I have a stage fright and this is the only fear I got. But my job requires me to speak in front of many people, to people older than me. And now I am slowly overcoming this fear.

I have witnessed everywhere that women have few rights when it comes to freedom. In other countries women are not allowed to speak for themselves, even they are not allowed to go to school, they will only stay at home because in the end when they grow up they will be housewives. This kind of thinking is what I am really against. It is like women are slaves which in fact are not. Men and women are equal because they are both human.

And now that I have the chance to show to the world that I am not just a woman, I AM WOMAN who can make a difference, who can change the world, who can make lives better to both men and women, and can inspire others to FIGHT for their dreams. It is not your culture, belief or race that will stop you from achieving your dreams, it is YOU and it is also YOU can make things happen.

The question I have for all men in the world,..What did you do for a woman to make her feel that she is worth than anything else in this world?that she can also be empowered??

and for all women in the world, what did you do, or achieved in making you an empowered woman of today?

let’s celebrate women’s month this March :)

It’s not easy….

It’s not easy to work in this kind of program because we have to deal with the complaints of the people. We are front-liners and field workers but not only that we also do other tasks. So it is hard to do both. But I can still handle the workload it’s just that I can’t handle the damn complaints of these people. They do their part and we also do our part but in the end there are still some things that were not accomplished the fact that we are not in the position to change everything in the system.
It has been my dream to work for the poor people. When I was younger I told my self that I if will be a millionaire I will surely help these people and now that I finally got that job, it was not easy…. There is money involved but our target is to change their lives especially their mindset.. it is not easy because they are old people…
But I always told my self that I’ve done my part I have nothing to worry about, and all of these things are for the common good.