My Life as an Art Student (Note #1, July 28, 2015)

I haven’t written for a long time but now I want to try to write here everyday.

First of all I’m already a graduate of Psychology but since ART is my first love I’m currently taking Advertising as my course/degree. I started 2013, that was November (second semester). I took advertising because it is versatile than the other courses they offer at my school. They have Industrial Design, Interior Design, Painting, Digital Media Arts and Architecture.

Advertising is versatile because it is composed of the traditional and modern arts. From still life drawing to animation. Anything is done with advertising (also includes a piece of Marketing).

When I was a kid I really loved to draw but during my time, when I was in highschool, going to art schools is expensive and it will not get you any job (here in my country). But that was before, now graphic artists are needed everywhere. (I wish I had taken this course long time ago, maybe by now I work in an ad agency or Disney or maybe Ghibli .LOL)

Now, I’m really enjoying my time. My classmates are annoying (they are a bunch of kids, age16+, and I’m 20+) but that won’t stop me from reaching my goal. I love when there is class and sometimes when there is none I love it too (depending on the situation) but mostly I hate it when there is no class because I’m the one funding my schooling. My parents aren’t that supportive (financially).

they say art is easy, our course/degree is easy because you just have to draw. Yes it is easy for me but it is hard to grade our work. Like math you can just solve problems and end up in a score, whether you are 50 out of 100 or 2 out of 100. Everything can be measured, but for ART subjects.HA! Goodluck with that!

Well I guess this is the start. I have to post more. Whoever reads this may please reply (if you can relate to me.hahaha :D)

Make It Happen

We live in a world full of expectations, expectations that would lead us to frustrations. We live in a world where in we are obliged to make a living and with this there are a lot of sacrifices to be made, including our own dreams. We have a job but it isn’t what we dream of.
I decided to leave my high paying job to fulfill my own dreams. Though I struggle with financial issues still I’m praying that I will be able to finish my second degree.
I will keep on fighting as long as I’m alive!

Papa Francisco (Pope Francis) in the Philippines!

It is a great start for the year 2015 especially to the Filipino people, with the visit of the pope many lives are about to be transformed. We Filipinos warmly welcomed the head of the Catholic Church. Our country may suffered from a terrible event but that did not hinder us from giving out our best smile. Others may say that these people are ‘fanatics’, or that they ‘worship’ too much a human being. Personally I don’t care, because there is what we call freedom. Freedom to choose our own faith, freedom to express our love for someone—the pope, who travelled far just to see us, greet us and comfort us and even showed compassion to those who need it most. WE LOVE YOU SANTO PAPA! May you continue to pray and bless us Filipinos and also the whole human race, catholics or non-catholics. We are all GOD’s children anyway 😊


#PopeFrancisinPh #PopeFrancisWELOVEYOU


Corruption exists not only in the government, IT IS everywhere. It happens first in the basic unit of society: the family. Even at school, private offices, small communities IT occurs. Anything that is purposely done to deprive someone of something is corruption. But that can only be a mechanism for one’s survival. -Rin (Character from my story “Glass Gun”)

long but fun journey! :)

long but fun journey! :)

we went to a mountain-terrain location where we hold surveys to each houses that are members of the program where I work in. It was a whole day activity and we asked the folks how long did we walk and they said that it is about 30 kms…
we rode in a nice vehicle when we went there but when we are about to go home they said that there wasn’t any available truck so we went walking and walking hoping that we could hitch a ride, lucky for us the town leader said that she can help us and we will be fetch in an hour. Though we felt tired, sad, and angry but still we were able to smile after all those difficulties and that is the most beautiful thing about us Filipinos. We laugh despite the sadness.