Papa Francisco (Pope Francis) in the Philippines!

It is a great start for the year 2015 especially to the Filipino people, with the visit of the pope many lives are about to be transformed. We Filipinos warmly welcomed the head of the Catholic Church. Our country may suffered from a terrible event but that did not hinder us from giving out our best smile. Others may say that these people are ‘fanatics’, or that they ‘worship’ too much a human being. Personally I don’t care, because there is what we call freedom. Freedom to choose our own faith, freedom to express our love for someone—the pope, who travelled far just to see us, greet us and comfort us and even showed compassion to those who need it most. WE LOVE YOU SANTO PAPA! May you continue to pray and bless us Filipinos and also the whole human race, catholics or non-catholics. We are all GOD’s children anyway 😊


#PopeFrancisinPh #PopeFrancisWELOVEYOU


Corruption exists not only in the government, IT IS everywhere. It happens first in the basic unit of society: the family. Even at school, private offices, small communities IT occurs. Anything that is purposely done to deprive someone of something is corruption. But that can only be a mechanism for one’s survival. -Rin (Character from my story “Glass Gun”)

why do guys fall for the pretty sexy stupid girls??

I always wonder why most of the guys like pretty and sexy but stupid girls?? is it because they want to impress that girl or they want to appear superior??

i only met very few guys who would prefer smart girls..because they want to talk to someone who has sense… :)

but in our psychology subject,,most guys would really prefer pretty and sexy girls,, they don’t care about the attitude or personality and how smart she is. They only want this girl for procreation. While for girls they want someone who is rich,because women need security especially when it comes to money.